Why does Norton Antivirus report "Insight Network Threat" when I download G-Wizard software? Does it have a virus?

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Arg!  This one frustrates me no end.  If you Google “Insight Network Threat”, which is certainly an ominous sounding name, you will discover tons of hits about it.  If you read a few you quickly learn that it does not mean the software contains a virus or malware.  All it means is Norton hasn’t yet really examined it or seen it on enough user’s machines to know if it’s safe.  Not surprising–CNC Machining is kind of a niche application.

This thread is one of my favorites on this stupid Norton behavior:


Ironically, we pay Norton to continuously scan the site and check the downloads for problems.  You can see our Norton Certified seal on any of the download pages.  You would think that service (which is expensive!) would talk to the virus scanner and realize not to behave this way, but it doesn’t.

So the cure is to either put our software on the Norton exception list (preferred) or turn it off long it enough to install.

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