How do I switch between Imperial and Metric in the G-Wizard Software

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You can set overall units by going to the Setup tab. Right at the top of that first setup page above the machine profile is the global Imperial/Metric switch.

There are also some shortcuts to make it easier to switch back and forth without changing the global settings.

For example, in most of the numeric fields, if you type a number followed by “m” it assumes the global setting is inches and converts your number to mm. So in Imperial, if I type “1m”, I get “0.0394”.

You can use “i” for inches. In metric, type “1i” and you get “25.4” back. There is quite a bit of math you can do on those fields that way. It’s documented on our tips page:

Just thought I’d throw in the tips since a lot of folks don’t know them.

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