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Need help with multi-axis router


I am designing a product, which I believe will require a 4th Axis table router. However, not a rotational system (lathe) but one in which the spindle rotates.

A regular Long Z travel (12-15″) is necessary given the length of tool I will be using.

Basically, I am working on a customized foam pillow in which the top is contoured, but the front end is slightly ‘undercut’. This undercut of approximately 15deg is what is stopping me from getting the full utility from a regular 3axis gantry router. I know that some of the PU foams I have looked at can be milled, I have seen it done in Canada.

I believe that, given an adequate table size, that a 4-axis tilting spindle system would allow me to set up the table/stock in such a way that the milling can be done completely, without flipping the stock.

I am working on prototypes at this stage, but want to purchase a machine which will allow me to begin initial production when the system is in place.


Also… on a side note, I have had an incredibly difficult time in finding ANYONE in my area (Indianapolis) with even a straight 3-axis router table who does custom/spec work. I would like to work with someone who has the knowledge that I know I lack, utilizing their machine until I have a good understanding of the requirements and abilities of the machine.

Do you have any recommendations on how I can find someone who would do such a thing? I will certainly pay for the time/expertise… I just cannot figure out how to FIND him. Even if he doesn’t have a 4th-axis machine, help in understanding the limits and strengths of milling would be invaluable. I will be milling PU foam, so there are many MANY questions that I must address in order to do it successfully. I will eventually hire an expert when my company is further along, but at this stage, I have to figure out whether my concept will work, and I’d like to do it before I purchase the ‘wrong’ setup.


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