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G-Wizard Editor v0.700 adds Coordinate Shifting, Scaling, G-Code Marker on Backplot, and Beta Survey

Oct 28, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments

G-Wizard Editor version 0.700 has just been uploaded to the install page.  BTW, our install pages are listed on our Software page, which can be reached by selecting the “Software” choice from the menu bar at the top of every one of our web pages.
GWE v0.700 is a minor feature release with several useful new things:
- New Translate Revision. Translate allows you to shift or scale all the coordinates in a program or a selection and soon it will also do rotation. The scale function can also convert between metric and inch coordinates.  Here’s what the new Revision looks like:

The Translate Revision is the last major missing editing command from GWE, and when we finish the Rotate portion in the next release, you’ll have a powerful set of commands that let you transform and edit your g-code.… Read the rest

G-Wizard Calculator v1.700 Learns to Print

Oct 25, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, FeedsSpeeds, Software  //  No Comments
Printing from GW Calculator

G-Wizard Calculator version 1.700 is just out with two great new features.  First, a long-standing request from our customers that had also scored well on the Customer Portal feature voting:  GW Calculator can now print any page.  Just right click on the page to bring up the Print menu.  Folks had been asking for this so they can capture feeds and speeds, threading info, and a whole host of other things on a printout to take over to the machine:

Print any page in GW Calculator using the right click print menu…
Second, we’ve started redesigning the various pages and applets to use less screen real estate in preparation to creating a version of GWC that runs on tablets.  … Read the rest

New G-Wizard Editor + Simulator Release: v0.689

Oct 18, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments
Curious puppy looks underwater

Release 0.689 is a minor feature release with some pretty handy improvements:
- You can click the backplot and the g-code will scroll to the line that ends closest to where you clicked.
- You can now cause the debugger to run to the cursor. With the debugger/simulator paused, just simply click the line you want it to run to. It will popup a message asking you to confirm and then it’ll run to there.
- Canned drilling cycles now tell the coordinates of hole bottom in the Hints.
- There is now an option to enable you to turn on or off the grid components individually: axes, major lines, or minor lines.… Read the rest

G-Wizard Calculator Gets Fits and Tolerances Thanks to the Wisdom of Crowds

Oct 16, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, FeedsSpeeds, Software  //  1 Comment
CNCCookbook customer support

You may have heard the expression, “The Wisdom of Crowds”, or perhaps the popular buzzword, “Crowdsourcing.”  Products and companies that have lots of users have a distinct advantage if they’re willing listen to the Wisdom of Crowds–their Customers–and learn what people want them to do to make the products better.  Here at CNCCookbook, we are fortunate to have had about 15,000 machinists use our software.  Our web site gets well over 1 million visitors a year.  That is a huge base of Wisdom to draw on, and that’s how we wound up adding Fits and Tolerances to the G-Wizard Calculator.  We think it gives us a tremendous competitive advantage to have such a team of Smart Folks like yourselves to guide us!… Read the rest

INFOGRAPHIC: Why You Need a Feeds and Speeds Calculator

Oct 13, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Beginner, Blog, CNC Router, FeedsSpeeds, Software, Techniques  //  1 Comment

A question I hear fairly often is, “Why do I need a Feeds and Speeds Calculator, aren’t the manufacturer’s recommendations good enough?  Here is an Infographic that walks through the limitations of Manufacturer’s Recommendations vs Feeds and Speeds Calculators like our own G-Wizard:

Share This Infographic
To embed the infographic to your blog or website, please copy and paste the code below:

Why you need a Feeds and Speeds Calculator – An infographic by the team at
Please share this infographic on social media too!… Read the rest

G-Wizard Adds Machinable Wax Feeds and Speeds for Lost Wax Casting, Jewelry Making, and Prototyping

Oct 9, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, CNC Router, FeedsSpeeds, Software, Techniques  //  1 Comment
Machinable Wax

Machinable Wax is a really neat material.  It can be used with a Lost Wax Casting process to make jewelry and all sorts of other things.  I’ve done Lost Wax Casting before, and it is a simple process that yields good results.  The Wax is recyclable if you keep the shavings–just heat to 290F and pour into a mold.  Best of all, it machines well.  You can use relatively fast feeds and speeds and it’s not to hard to get a decent finish suitable for making molds.
With release 1.671 of G-Wizard, we’ve added support for Machinable Wax–just select “Wax” from the materials menu.  … Read the rest

What a Difference a Radius Makes: CAD/CAM Trick

Oct 7, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Software, Techniques  //  1 Comment
Tool engagement in a corner

We’ve all seen the amazing feeds and speeds that are possible using HSM Toolpaths.  These fancy toolpaths work because they keep the cutter from plunging blindy into corners where the cutting forces double or triple almost instantly.  Those corners are like pounding the end of the cutter with a hammer.  Once you make that pain go away, it’s no wonder you can machine much more quickly!
But there is more than one way to skin that cat.  Consider the case of the humble corner again.  Here’s a schematic view of a 1/2″ cutter plunging into a corner at the point where it reaches maximum pain:

Full corner engagement.  … Read the rest

G-Wizard Editor v0.680 is out: Try the new SETVN support even for controls without SETVN

Oct 6, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software  //  3 Comments
G-Wizard Editor

Release 0.680 is a major feature release, so there’s quite a bit of juicy stuff to be had there.  First, here is the Install Page Link.  You must be registered to use the GWE Beta Test, so if you’re not, visit the Beta Registration Page.
Fanuc SETVN Support
The biggest news is support for symbolic variable names using Fanuc’s “SETVN” statement.  SETVN allows you to name variables and refer to them by name instead of using numbers. “#1″ could be named “#HOLEDIA”, for example.  Imagine how much easier that makes understand macros.  I’ll be writing up a full article on symbolic names using SETVN, our new “soft” SETVN (see below, we’re getting there), and LinuxCNC-style <variables> (not implemented yet!) before too long as part of our G-Code Tutorial.  … Read the rest

G-Wizard Now Has Instant Trials + News for Existing Users and Beta Testers

Oct 5, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Software  //  No Comments
mail chimp

We started out by making the Beta Test signup for G-Wizard Editor “Instant” about a week ago.  Just a few days ago, in conjunction with G-Wizard Calculator release 1.670, we brought on instant registration for GW Calculator Trials too.  It’s been great–you can basically register for either one as fast as you can type into the forms, click the return email, bring up our software, and login.  No more waiting for hours for the registration to be processed.  Best of all, no serious problems reported by users of the new system, although I have tweaked the various forms and messages to improve them and makes things a little clearer.  … Read the rest

Instant Registration Comes to G-Wizard Editor

Sep 28, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Software  //  No Comments

I just uploaded release 0.655 of our GW Editor software.  Lots of neat stuff in this release, but my favorite is “instant registration”.  It’s not quite instant, but it beats the heck out of the hours long delays our current registration system has.  I was able to get registered as fast as I could type and confirm the email link.  We need to thoroughly test it, so we started it out on GW Editor.  Assuming all goes well, we’ll add it for GW Calculator when we do our next release there.
Last release we switched on the new 3D graphics library, which made the backplot dramatically faster.  … Read the rest

Our New Customer Portal Lets You Vote On New Features for G-Wizard

Sep 24, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Business, Software  //  No Comments

I really love the way the Customer Portal is shaping up in terms of allowing the G-Wizard user community to help decide what features we’ll add next.  The feature voting section of the portal is easy to use.  Everyone who signs up is given 10 votes.  You can either use your votes on existing choices or you can use a vote to suggest a new feature.  You can change your mind, and you can vote for a feature more than once if you like.  But, when your 10 votes are used up, you have to wait for a feature to be decided.  … Read the rest

G-Wizard Editor Simulator: Now With Native Graphics Card Support

Sep 21, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m really excited to report that I just uploaded GWE version 0.650 with Native Graphics Card support.  The benefit of that is dramatically better performance from the backplot.
Given that this is a major release, I really cranked up the version number from the last release, going from 0.570 to 0.650.  Backplot in this release is now taking advantage of your graphics card, whereas before it was doing all the heavy lifting for the graphics with the cpu. That means this release is dramatically faster, especially on larger 3D files. You must be running Flash Player 11 or later, and the newer the Flash Player you have, the more graphics cards are supported.… Read the rest

G-Wizard Editor v0.570 Released with Lathe G90, G92, and G94 Cycles + Mapper

Sep 13, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments

Release 0.570 is a feature release:
- The Post tab under Settings has a new tab called “Mapper”. Basically, “Mapper” does a search and replace at the last minute before the code is executed. This makes it easy to remap g-codes since different controls have them under different numbers as well as many other things, such as Fanuc A/B/C style lathe g-codes (coming soon!). Here is the Mapper in action changing G90/92/94 to G290/292/294:

If the replacement occurs, the Hint will be added to the Hints for the line where the replacement happened.
- Added G290, G292, and G294 lathe cycles.… Read the rest

Using G-Wizard Editor to Add M-Codes to Lock and Unlock a 4th Axis

Sep 12, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software  //  2 Comments

Suppose you’ve got a 4th axis that incorporates a disc brake or other mechanism to lock the axis during machining:

One of Steve Simpson’s 4th Axis units set up with an air-activated disc brake…
Cutting on a 4th axis can apply considerable torque if you get too far off-axis and so a brake makes the whole thing a lot more rigid.
Further, let’s suppose you’ve configured some custom m-codes to lock and unlock the axis.  It’s be nice to have some automatic way of adding those codes to existing g-code programs whenever the A-axis moves.
For example, you want to be able to change this:
G01 A90
to this:
M201 (Unlock the axis)
G01 A90
M202 (Lock the axis)
G-Wizard Editor has a special command that makes it easy to do this kind of thing.  … Read the rest

GWE Now Does G12/G13 Circular Pockets and Haas Controller Profiles

Sep 10, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments

Release 0.560 is a neat little feature release:
- Supports Haas-style G12 and G13 circular pocketing.
- Supports M41/42/43 lathe transmission gear change codes.
- Added G08: Advanced Preview Control.
- Added canned profiles for Haas mill and lathe.
About the only thing we don’t do yet for Haas are the complex lathe canned cycles and the G150 general purpose pocket milling.  The pre-defined controller profiles should make it a lot easier to get started in GWE for Haas users.
I wanted to take a moment to talk a bit about how to use the pre-defined controller profiles.  They’re accessed from the Setup tab and the Machine Profiles.  … Read the rest




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