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Results from the 2014 CNCCookbook CAM Software Market Share Survey

Jan 20, 2014   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Software  //  8 Comments

We just completed our 3rd CAM Software Market Share Survey.  We did the first one in 2010 and our second one in 2012.  Each one garnered several hundred responses in a very short time, and so should be a statistically significant sample of respondents.  I’ll be grouping the results into three categories based on their…

Take the 2014 CNCCookbook CAM Survey

Jan 16, 2014   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Cool, Products, Software  //  8 Comments

Another year is upon so it is once again time to do a big survey.  I like to alternate CAD and CAM surveys year by year.  We did a CAD survey last year and a CAM survey at the end of 2012.  These surveys are very popular because we always get several hundred respondents and…

G-Wizard Editor version 1.37: Improved Time Estimates

Dec 26, 2013   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments

A number of people use G-Wizard Editor to give them accurate information on how long their g-code programs will take to run.  Accordingly, I made a number of improvements to GWE version 1.37 to make it more accurate.  For example, there is a new simulator adjustment on the Machine Profile page that lets you apply…

Using G-Wizard Editor’s New Soft Limit Alarms to Help Spot Crashes Before They Happen

Dec 16, 2013   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software, Techniques  //  1 Comment

Nobody likes it when their CNC machine crashes, and there’s no way to absolutely 100% guarantee that you will never have a crash.  Crashes are hard on tooling, parts being machined, fixtures (seen a vise that’s been milled on top recently?) and machines.  They can really get in the way of your productivity.  Most of…

Introducing G-Wizard Help Desk

Dec 5, 2013   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Software  //  No Comments

CNCCookbook is just surpassing the 25,000 user mark–25,000 machinists, engineers, product designers, and hobbyists have used our software.  That’s a big milestone for us, and we appreciate all of your support.
Our #1 goal with our software is to help machinists, designers, and engineers make better decisions every day.  We want to make that process…

G-Wizard Editor New UI Beta Release

Dec 4, 2013   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments

Progress on G-Wizard Editor has been slow for a little while now.  It’s all been about getting the new UI in place for both GW Calculator and now GW Editor.  I’ve just uploaded the first version of GW Editor with the new UI.  I’m calling it Beta Test for now until we have a little…

New G-Wizard Calculator Getting Started Guide

Dec 1, 2013   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, FeedsSpeeds, Software  //  No Comments

I’ve just uploaded a new Getting Started Guide for G-Wizard Calculator users.  This begins the process of updating and expanding all the documentation for GW Calculator to cover the 2.0 UI overhaul.  There’s a lot more work to do, but I am focusing on the most important parts first.  Fortunately, not much functionality changed so…

G-Wizard Calculator 2.0 Goes Mainstream

Nov 18, 2013   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, FeedsSpeeds, Software  //  1 Comment

I’ve taken G-Wizard Calculator 2.0 out of Beta test and put it into the mainstream.  Problem-related feedback has slowed to nothing and it’s time to open it up to the broader audience.  If you go to the normal GW Calculator Install page, you’ll see it there along with a link to the last pre-2.0 release:…

CNCCookbook Product Roadmap Through Q1 2014 + Year in Review

Nov 14, 2013   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Software  //  2 Comments

I like to keep customers apprised on where we’re going if for no other reason than so that they can tell me when I’ve taken a wrong turn and need to backtrack.  We’ve only got a month and a half left this year and then we’ll be on to 2014.  Seems like the year went…

CNCCookbook Sale Ends Tomorrow

Nov 14, 2013   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Software  //  No Comments

Our CNCCookbook sale ends tomorrow.  Everything we sell can be had for 15% off by entering the “15OFF” coupon code when you get to the shopping cart.  In addition, we’ll be raising the price of the 1 year subscription to G-Wizard Calculator from $69 to $79 at the end of the sale.  So, with the…

Responding to Initial GW Calc 2.0 Beta Feedback

Nov 6, 2013   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Software  //  No Comments

Just uploaded release 2.02, which responds to some of the initial GW Calculator 2.0 Beta Feedback.  It includes the following:
– Applet UI navigation changed from the accordion style to tab bar at the top to reduce screen real estate.
– Added a “Reamer” option to CADCAM Hole Wizard.
– Full “Tortoise” on the Tortoise-Hare…

G-Wizard Calculator 2.0 Beta Test

Nov 5, 2013   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, FeedsSpeeds, Software  //  2 Comments
G-Wizard 2.0 Beta Test

Today is a big day for CNCCookbook and G-Wizard Calculator.  I have just uploaded the Beta Test of G-Wizard Calculator 2.0.
What is G-Wizard Calculator 2.0?
Simply put, it is the next logical iteration for G-Wizard Calculator.  You may have noticed we’re up to version 1.9972, so it is a short hop from there to…

World’s First Mac OS X CAM Software + CNC Software Suite

Nov 1, 2013   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Cool, Guest-Post, Software  //  8 Comments

I get tons of cards and letters from Mac users who love the fact that our G-Wizard software works on Mac OS X natively.  But they want more.  Yeah, sure you can run Parallels or do something similar to get Windows on the Mac and access your CNC software that way, but that’s not what…

It’s About Time For a Sale!

Oct 30, 2013   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Software  //  No Comments

It’s been a while since our last sale, so I figure it’s time we launched another sale.  This one’s a coupon sale–just type “15OFF” in the coupon box on the shopping cart for whatever you’re ordering and we’ll knock 15% off your purchase price.
A few things are different for this sale:
–  Normally we…

Did You Try G-Wizard A Long Time Ago? Want To Try It Again?

Oct 30, 2013   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Software  //  No Comments

Did you try one of our G-Wizard packages (Calculator or Editor) some times ago?  A lot has happened to these products in a short time.  Everything from CADCAM Wizards to Conversational CNC Wizards to our new CADCAM Estimator.  We’ve been busy.  A lot of it was based on feedback from folks just like you.  Some…



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