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G-Wizard Editor is Helping Folks Move Ahead

Sep 5, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Beginner, Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments

I got a great note recently from a G-Wizard Editor Beta Tester:
Thank you for your software.
Its helping us verify our programs before cutting.
Since our so called expert programmer has left us high and dry I am using your software to do some simple operations.
I am totally new to the cnc programming…

New G-Wizard Editor Release v0.550 Is Out: Smoother Simulation, Centroid Support, and Macro-Defined G-Codes

Sep 2, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments
new model year

Yeah, okay, that picture of the two guys in a Messerschmidt car popped up when I Googled “Longer, Lower, Wider” in search of a good illustration to go with the release of a new model.  I liked it, so it stuck.
Meanwhile, GWE release 0.550 is out, and there’s some pretty tasty stuff there:

GWE v0.511 Adds Automatic Chamfer and Corner Rounding

Aug 19, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments

Release 0.511 is a minor feature release. It consists of finishing up the automatic corner chamfer and corner rounding for lathes. Here is a typical example with both a chamfer and a corner round:

There are two new Post variables that can be used to enable or disable chamfer and corner round: Lathe.AllowLatheChamfer and Lathe.AllowLatheCornerRounding.…

GWCC: Happily Interpolating Holes with CNC Conversational Programming!

Aug 14, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Beginner, Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments

I just uploaded GWE v0.505 last night.  If you’re a registered beta tester, you can install it from this page, if you need to register start here.
This release is mostly about updates to our new G-Wizard Conversational CNC Programming product.  I mentioned it briefly as a sneak preview in an earlier blog post, but…

G-Wizard G-Code Editor Version 0.500 is Out, Now With Improved Post Customization and More Controller Profiles

Aug 1, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments

Release 0.500 is a major update. It involves a complete rewrite of the Post functionality that’s used to configure the Editor/Simulator to the particular g-code dialect each control uses.   These changes should make it easier for users to customize their post as well as for CNCCookbook to produce canned profiles and keep them up to…

Making G-Wizard Editor Much Faster and the Path to Shipping GWE 1.0

Jul 17, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments

It’s no secret that G-Wizard Editor is slow for very large part programs–typically 3D profiling jobs of various kinds.  We’re well aware that it has to be made much faster before we can call GWE 1.0 done and ready to move out of Beta test.  Towards that end, I wanted to write this brief post…

Drilling for Oil: Deep Hole Custom Cycle Sneak Preview

Jul 16, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software, Techniques  //  2 Comments
Deep Hole Drilling Cycle Sneak Peek

After a long weekend and Monday burning the midnight oil, I had to post this first shot of code generated by the new Hole Wizard in G-Wizard Editor:

That silly hole is 20 diameters deep!
What is this?
First thing, it’s a test of a feature of a new product we’ll be announcing soon.  The…

G-Wizard G-Code Editor: Now with G15/G16 Polar Coordinates

Jul 11, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Beginner, Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments

I just uploaded version 0.441.  It is a minor feature release that adds:
– More system variables:

#3011 & 3012 are current date and current time

Timer vars #3001, #3002

Current position vars (#5041-5044)

– G15/G16 polar coordinates. For more information, see the Polar Coordinate page from our G-Code Tutorial.
– A variety of bug…

Programming to Cut a Higbee Thread, Higbee Start, or Blunt Start Thread

Jun 16, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Techniques  //  2 Comments

The Higbee is a modification to your existing thread that makes it thread much smoother and without possibility of cross threading.  They’re also called “Quick Start Threads” or “Blunt Start Threads”.
A proper Higbee looks like this:

Not how the rough final thread has been smoothed out…
The goal is to remove the final part…

Absolute vs Relative G-Code Coordinates

Jun 11, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Beginner, Blog, GCode, Techniques  //  No Comments

I just added a chapter on Absolute versus Relative G-Code Coordinates to our G-Code Tutorial.
You might not realize it, but you already have a pretty good intuitive grasp of how absolute versus relative coordinates work.  Suppose you’re in a grocery store and you ask the clerk which aisle the cookies are on. If he…

G01 Chamfer and Corner Rounding Available in Latest G-Wizard Editor

May 5, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments

I just uploaded G-Wizard Editor version 0.440, and its biggest new feature is G01 Chamfer and Corner Round for CNC lathes.
But, the feature is very buggy, so I need your help:
Since I have very few examples to test this on, can you please check through your own lathe g-code and send me samples…

Be Sure to Upgrade to G-Wizard Editor Latest Release!

Apr 30, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode  //  No Comments

Those of you who are beta testing our G-Wizard Editor, be sure to upgrade to the latest 0.437 release.  I have fixed a crash/lock-up bug that could very commonly strike while editing code.  Thanks to our user Don for finding a set of steps that would reproduce this problem every time.  Once I had that…

New G-Code Course Chapter: Tool Changes and Tool Offsets

Apr 19, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Beginner, Blog, GCode, Software  //  No Comments

These new G-Code Course chapters come fast and furious when I am working on the G-Wizard G-Code Editor/Simulator and the addition of a new feature prompts me to write about it.
This chapter is called “Tool Changes and Tool Offsets” and describes how to go about programming tool changes in g-code on lathes and mills,…

New G-Code Course Chapter: G96 Constant Surface Speed Programming

Apr 15, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Techniques  //  No Comments

If you’re familiar with feeds and speeds, or if you’ve ever read through a tooling catalog, surface speed is a quantity used to define how fast the tool tip can move across the workpiece. It is handier than spindle rpm because it is independent of diameter. For a given rpm, surface speed changes at every…

G28: Return to Reference Position G-Code

Mar 2, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, GCode, Techniques  //  No Comments

Time to learn a new g-code if you don’t know it already. G28 moves the machine to its reference position. This is the position the machine is in when it has been “Homed”. I just finished a new tutorial on the G28 Return to Reference Position g-code for our CNC G-Code Tutorial.
If you interested…


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