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Welcome to your Basic GCode Programming Quiz.

You'll be asked a series of multiple choice questions about Basic GCode Programming. We've included a link for each question to the article in our GCode Programming Course that explains the topic in case you need to review. Wait and use the links when you see which questions you got wrong.

When you're done with the quiz, you'll be scored.

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1) What does the G00 gcode do? (G00 and G01)
2) G01 causes the machine to? (G00 and G01)
3) What gcodes are used to create arcs and circles? (Circular Arcs)
4) Which example of expressing coordinates in gcode is correct? (GCode Coordinates)
5) How does the machine know what units are in use? (GCode Unit Conversions)
6) Are Coordinates expressed as absolute positions or relative to the current position? (GCode Coordinates)
7) Do all CNC machines execute the same gcodes? (GCode Standard)
8) How do I set spindle rpms and feedrates with G-Codes? (MDI for Manual Machinists)
9) What is the role of the "Post Processor" in CAM Software?
10) What is MDI? (MDI for Manual Machinists)
11) What's the difference between "Modal" and "One Shot" GCodes? (One Shot and Modal GCodes)
12) What can a good gcode editor do for you? (What are gcode editors good for?)
13) What are GCode "Hints"? (Creating Hand-Tuned GCode)
14) What is a "Backplot?" (CNC Backplots)
15) What is Part Zero? (Part Zero)
16) What's a Block? (Basic GCode Program Structure)
17) Are gcodes always executed in the order they are written? (GCode Blocks)
18) What's the proper syntax for comments in GCode?  (GCode Blocks)
19) What are "N" codes used for? (GCode Blocks)
20) What two gcodes are usually needed for a tool change on a mill? (Tool Changes)
21) A typical CNC lathe uses which 2 axes out of 3? (Basic Lathe Programming)
22) What is the Tool Length Offset? (Tool Management)
23) How is Tool Length Offset measured?  (Tool Data)
24) Why would you run your gcode through a simulator before you put it on the machine? (GCode Simulators)
25) What do G17, G18, and G19 GCodes do? (GCode Coordinates)

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