I read a lot of blogs in my quest to keep learning new things–over 200 at last count.  One thing that always troubles me when I find a new blog is, “Which great articles have I missed?”  You know that just because you found one good article it doesn’t mean you’ve found them all, right?

So periodically, I like to put together these roundup posts to help you find the other CNCCookbook articles others have already read and loved.

Generally, I like to keep the blog posts separate from our in-depth (what I like to call the “Cookbook”) articles.  Blog posts are great mind snacks and in-depth articles are mind meals.  We’re happiest with a little of both I feel.

6 Most Popular Blog Posts of the Last 12 Months

8 Brands to Consider for the World’s Best Screwdriver

Often, my most popular articles are completely unexpected.  This one is a great case in point.  I got tired of having 2 incomplete sets of Craftsman screwdrivers in my tool box.  I went online and notice a review of some screwdrivers that were much cooler, so I set out to see what was available and this article was the result.

10 Tips for Router Aluminum Cutting Success

Oh man, I get so many questions from my G-Wizard audience about cutting aluminum on a CNC Router.  The thing is, it’s totally doable, but there are some tricks you need to know to maximize your success.  This article gathers all that up for you in one place.

10 Things Beginning CNC Milling Machine Users Need to Succeed

CNC can have a steep learning curve and it seems like you need a lot of things even just to get started. This article tries to help beginners by showing them what they’ll need for their first few projects in terms of skills, some tools, and some guidelines.

Secrets of Going from CAD, Image, DXF, or STL to GCode for CNC and 3D Printing

This article was prompted by a myriad of questions I get from beginners about our G-Wizard Editor software.  It’s clear they know what they need to go, but not how to go about it.  This article helps them get their feet on the ground.

CNC Router Cutter Types and How to Use Them

The CNC Router gangs has a lot of its own terminology and even some specialized cutters that we just don’t see very often anywhere else.  An “Upcut Spiral Cutter” is very similar if not identical (geometry may be more optimized for wood) to what most of the rest of the CNC world calls an “Endmill”.  This guide walks through some of the specialized cutters the Router world uses and how to calculate their Feeds and Speeds in G-Wizard.

50 Interview Question Ideas for CNC Jobs

Is it just that we’re in the first half of the year or what?  My articles that are CNC career-related have been going gangbusters.  This article is a great one for employers (ideas for interview questions) and employees alike (study and make sure you can answer them all!).

6 Most Popular In-Depth Articles of the Last 12 Months

Our in-depth articles get about 4x the traffic of the blog posts because they offer huge value entirely for free.  If you haven’t spent much time looking beyond the blog, you’re in for a treat.

Free CNC GCode Course

This free course has launched many a CNC’er down the path to greater g-code proficiency.  Whether you’ve never understood a thing about g-code or whether you’re really pretty good at it but need to kick your game up a notch with macros or something similar, this course has it all.  And it is entirely free.  No wonder it’s so popular!

DIY CNC Machines

I worked hard on this one, so I am glad to see it is so popular.  Basically, it walks you through 4 kinds of CNC machines you could build today.  It uses a standard format that tries to make it easy for you to evaluate which project is right for you by considering the Cost, Difficulty, Time, and what kinds of things you can make with the machine once you finish it.

Knife Making (Belt) Grinders

Making a knife / belt grinder is a wonderful project for a CNC’er.  They are so useful in the shop.  This is a pictorial article that’s filled with ideas for you to borrow and use on your own project.  Check it out!

Total Guide to CNC Mill Workholding

What are all the different methods for workholding on CNC Mills and when should I use each one?

This is another resource for beginners, although even experienced hands may see a thing or two that’s new.  I go through a huge number of options in this comprehensive article.

CNC Software: Digital Tooling for CNC

How many different kinds of CNC software have you used?  Are there categories you didn’t even know existed?  This article walks you through every different kind of CNC-related software and explains how it all fits together.

CNC: Beginners Start Here

Like I said above, CNC can be very intimidating to the beginner.  It feels like you need to know everything before you can do anything.  The whole point of this article is to boil that down and give you some essentials to focus on.



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12 Most Popular CNCCookbook Articles of Last 12 Months
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