Sometimes I wish I communicated better…

This is a topic that I never feel like we communicate very well.

We have some amazing deals that hard to find if you don’t know where to look.  I’m talking about both Free Software and Deep Discounts.

Free Calculators in All Shapes and Sizes

There is a huge amount of functionality in G-Wizard Calculator for CNC’ers, but few people realize just how much of it is free for everyone or very cheap for hobbyists and students.  Heck, the whole thing is pretty darned cheap when you consider how much it will save you, but I am talking about some even better deals.

First, you get access to everything except Feeds and Speeds (and CADCAM Wizards which are also aimed at Feeds and Speeds) completely free for life just for taking the Free 30-Day Trial.  That’s right, everything except the Feeds and Speeds functions are free for life with all the updates and customer support, just for taking the Free 30-Day Trial.

That means you get access to all but 2 of the tabs in G-Wizard Calculator.  What an amazing freebie that is.

G-Wizard Lite for Hobbyists

Did you know about G-Wizard Lite?  Both Calculator and Editor have “Lite” modes that make it cheaper for hobbyists with small machines to use the software for life.

With G-Wizard Calculator, “Lite” is all about spindle power.  You get a lifetime license to all features in G-Wizard Calculator even when you purchase a 1 year license.  It’s just that after the year is up, you’re limited to cuts that require no more than 1 horsepower–about 740 watts for Metric users.

For many small hobby machines, 1 HP is plenty and you’ll never need more.  But, if you did, you can buy the 3 year and get 3 HP for life, or even renew when you get that fancy Haas VF-3 into your shop.

For Editor, a horsepower limit doesn’t make the same sense, so we limit the functions.  When your subscription expires, you can still do some very useful things, but the fancy stuff quits working.

Here’s a convenient chart that shows exactly which functions are available in GW Editor Lite.

Bundles for Hobbyists

If you want to get more than one of our products, they’re always available at a cheaper price when purchased together.

Here’s our complete bundle pricing schedule.

But it gets even better.  There are two bundles on there that are perfect for hobbyists.  They let you purchase GW Calculator for 1 or 3 years along with a lifetime copy of GW Editor.  That gives you everything you need with as much spindle power as you can possibly use for life at a great discount!

Educational and Volume Discounts

Are you involved with a School or Maker Space?  Maybe you’re looking to equip a lab or maybe you just have a lot of folks in your shop who may benefit.  We offer Educational and Volume discounts on our software.

Have you seen our cheapskate page?

To get the full range of discounts available at any given time, take a gander at our Cheapskate Page.

Hang on!

I didn’t say “Cheapskate” like it was a bad thing–I’m a Cheapskate too.  Everyone loves a deal, so why not?

G-Wizard Estimator Free Beta Test

Do you ever have to estimate job costs?

Whether you need to generate quotes and bids to make parts for others, or if you’re wondering what a reasonable price is to manufacture a part you’ve invented, you might find G-Wizard Estimator to be extremely helpful.

Here’s the really cool thing–G-Wizard Estimator is free to G-Wizard Calculator users while it’s in Beta Test.  You need to have a valid trial or subscription, but that’s all.  We’d let you use it without G-Wizard Calculator except that it does everything Calculator will do and then some, so we’d be giving away a big chuck of our business if we didn’t require you to already have Calculator.

Still, if you’re a Calculator user, check out Estimator.  It’s very cool!

In addition to its ability to estimate machining costs, it has some really neat utilities such as a Machine Hourly Cost Calculator and even a Fixture Calculator to help you decide whether it makes good economic sense to build a fixture for a job.

Pssst:  This software is so good that it’s got one of the competitors totally tied up in knots.  They keep publishing negative articles running it down and it isn’t even finished yet.  Personally, I think that’s funny because they’re just making everyone curious enough to go check out G-Wizard Estimator.


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