Part 2 of my super simple course on Feeds and Speeds for Beginners is up over on the Carbide3D Blog. Yes, that’s right, I guest posted over on their blog.

In Part 1 (also guest posted at Carbide3D), I went over the “Speeds” part of Feeds and Speeds.  That is, I talked about how to determine the right spindle rpms for a cut.  In Part 2, I go over the “Feeds” part and especially how the two must be matched to work together.  Do please check it out.  If you’re a Hobbyists or someone right at the very beginning, this is a good intro to help you get started.

One of the most important things the article goes into is how Feeds and Speeds relate to each other in finding the right “Sweet Spot” for cutting:

Sweet Spots for Feeds and Speeds

The Sweet Spots for Feeds and Speeds…

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Good stuff!


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Total Beginners Guide to Feeds and Speeds, Part 2
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