What if there was a Feeds and Speeds Calculator specially made for CNC Routers?  What would it do differently?

As many of you have made abundantly clear in conversations we’ve had, CNC Routers need a bunch of things that are different than what other CNC’ers may need.

Got Wood?

I used to constantly see CNC Router folks remarking that while G-Wizard looks nice for metal cutters, it didn’t seem to have many options for wood.  Well those days are over–the G-Wizard Material Database now supports a few hundred wood species.  Plus, if we missed something, you can request a new species be added.

Feeds Speeds For Wood

Use the “More” button to access the Material DB…

Feed and Speeds are tweaked for each individual wood species when you call out the species by accessing the “More” button.

Don’t Forget Plastics and Foam Board

No worries–there’s a bunch of different plastics and foam boards in the Material DB too.  There are well over 1000 entries as I write this and we add new ones by user request almost every release.

CNC Router Folks Use Different Cutters

There are a lot of specialized cutters used by the CNC Router crowd.  Downcut, for example, pushes the chips back down the hole.  Why do that?  Well, because it reduces splintering at the surface.  You don’t want to tear up a nice piece of furniture or guitar-grade hardwood just because you’ve got the wrong cutter, right?  Likewise there are Compression Cutters and Straight Flute Cutters.  G-Wizard handles a whole raft of router-specific cutters so you get exactly what you need when you want Feeds and Speeds for these cutters.  Other calculators just pretend they’re all endmills.

CNC Router Downcut, Compression, Straight Flute Feeds and Speeds

Special Router Cutter types are right there in the Geometry choices…

Make It Adjust to My Machine!

The CNC Router world spans the gamut from inexpensive lightweight desktop CNC Routers for DIY Hobbyists all the way up to industrial machines that are huge.  You can’t treat all these machines just the same–your Feeds and Speeds just won’t work out if you do.  G-Wizard adjusts for your specific machine.  You can easily create a machine profile, and we also include canned profiles ranging from a Generic CNC Router that’s easy to modify to match almost any machine to specific profiles for machines like the Carbide 3D Nomad and the Shapeoko.  If your machine is closer to one of those, by all means modify those profiles.  Plus, G-Wizard has the exclusive ability to adjust the machine’s power based on its rigidity so as not to overpower cuts on lightweight machines.  No other software has that capability.

Light Machine Feeds and Speeds

One click and you adjust power based on your machine’s weight and work envelope…

Give Me Advice that Goes Beyond the Numbers

There’s more to being a Better CNC’er than just following the numbers.  There’s all those tips and techniques that we hear about, and often forget.  But G-Wizard doesn’t forget–it has hundreds of tips built in and it watches the cut parameters you enter to see if any might help you out.  Wonder whether to Climb or Conventional Mill (hint: it makes a difference, don’t do the same thing every time)?  How about suggestions for what to do if your minimum rpm is too high for the recommended feeds and speeds?  That happens on CNC Routers because they have high speed spindles.  But G-Wizard will diligently suggest all sorts of useful tips and techniques.

cnc router tips and techniques

Tips and Techniques at your fingertips…

Parts Popping Off Your Vacuum Table?

Vacuum Tables are a staple for many CNC Router users.  They’re an excellent means of workholding that’s well suited to these machines and the typical materials they’re cutting.  Just one little issue–if cutting forces are too high on smaller parts, they pop right off the table and are usually scrap at that point.  Parts pop off has had many a Router CNC’er pulling their hair out as they try to find solutions to the problem.  Now, for the first time, G-Wizard has a special Vacuum Fixture Mini-Calc that will automatically limit cutting forces so your parts stay on the table. Hallelujah!


Let’s make parts popping off vacuum tables a thing of the past…


I could probably go on like this for a while longer (there’s even a lumber size chart built-in!), but by now you get the point–G-Wizard is the world’s first Feeds and Speeds Calculator designed with the needs of CNC Router users in mind.  I’m really proud to have worked with many of you in our audience to come up with all these features, and I can tell from your cards and letters that they’re helping you all out tremendously.  BTW< it’s the same G-Wizard version that’s been the market leader for other kinds of CNC machines for years.  We’ve simply added all these features to make it awesome for CNC Router users too!

If you’re a CNC Router user (large or small, pro or Hobby/DIY), you really need to check out what a Feeds and Speeds Calculator made for CNC Routers can do for you.

Try our free 30-day trial:

What else would you like to see added to G-Wizard for CNC Routers? Tell us in the comments below!



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What If There Was a Feeds and Speeds Calculator Specially Made for CNC Routers?
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