Our readers have gotten a lot of value from CNCCookbook surveys in the past.  You’ve learned things like what the most popular CAD and CAM packages are, or what users think the particular strengths and weaknesses of some of these packages are.  I’ve always felt the best reviews are from the people using the products on a daily basis, so I always haunt user forums to try to get a sense.  But a survey helps aggregate a bunch of users together so you can not only get a more general sense for a particular product, but you can also compare the relative reaction to multiple products in a category.

So, please take our CNCCookbook 2016 Router Survey so we can compile the results and make it available to you as soon as possible:

Take the CNC Router Survey Now

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PS:  My special thanks to Bonifacio for suggesting I do this survey.  I read all my emails though I don’t always have time to respond to all of them.  If you’ve got an idea for CNCCookbook, I’m all ears!


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CNCCookbook 2016 CNC Router Survey and Reviews
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