Our focus with G-Wizard Editor has lately been on finishing all the Conversational CNC Wizards.

First, what is Conversational CNC and why would you use it?

The idea is to make it quick and easy to produce g-code for simple tasks–quicker and easier than having to do a CAD drawing and run your CAM software. Instead, you just answer a few questions in the Conversational Wizard and it’ll
generate the code right away. Conversational CNC makes it super fast and easy to do simple parts just like you would manual machining.

Let’s take a look at the Chamfer Wizard:


The layout is much the same as the other conversational wizards.  The goal is to fill out the questions left to right, top to bottom, and then press insert to get the g-code.  It’s very easy to make simple parts this way, and many lathe parts are especially well suited to Conversational CNC.

Here’s a video demonstrating the Chamfer Wizard in action:

We’ll keep introducing new Conversational CNC Wizards each week for GW Editor.  In fact, I mean to roll out two Wizards this week.


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Conversational Chamfer Wizard for Lathes in G-Wizard Editor
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