Another week has passed so it’s time to roll out another Conversational CNC Wizard for G-Wizard Editor.

This week we’ve added a Parting Wizard.  Parting is something many lathe programs have to do to cut the part off the piece of bar stock it started with.  It’s a very simple operation, but we’ve added some bells and whistles that give you some extra capabilities with the Conversational CNC Parting Wizard.

Here’s what our Parting Wizard looks like:


Conversational CNC Parting Wizard…

It’s pretty straightforward to use, just fill in the blanks left to right, top to bottom, and then press Insert to generate g-code.

The extra features we’ve added our:

–  The ability to do Peck Parting.  With peck parting, you cut for the Peck Z amount, then back off by the retract amount and dwell to break chips.  It’s great if you have to part material that has a tendency to generate those nasty bird’s nests of swarf.

–  Chamfer right corner break.  There’s an option to apply a chamfer to the right corner.

–  Reduced feeds and speeds at finish.  You can specify a finish allowance, and when the tool gets to that point, an amount to reduce the feeds and speeds.  For example, in the screen shot, when the tool gets to a diameter of 0.1, it will reduce feeds and speeds to just 5% of “normal.”  This is done so when the part finally is detached, it doesn’t get slung around at high rpms, possibly damaging or marring the part so it isn’t usable.  At the slower speeds, it’ll drop more nearly straight down and you can place a container to catch it.

Here’s a quick YouTube video showing how to setup and run the Parting Wizard:

This new release has several other Conversational CNC features too.  For example, I gave the Conversational Milling Wizards a UI face lift and laid groundwork to go back and give them some of the new features the lathe wizards have.  I also added a pictorial menu for the lathe wizards:


Much more to come still.  I have Chamfer and Radius Wizards essentially done and in need of more testing, so hopefully I will have those out next week as well as getting a start on the next one after that.  I’ll probably do ID Turning next.

If you haven’t played with G-Wizard Editor or its Conversational CNC features, be sure to check it out.  We offer a free 30-day trial.


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Conversational CNC Parting Wizard Available in Latest G-Wizard Editor
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