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New Conversational CNC Face Milling and Surfacing Wizard

Mar 19, 2013   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, FeedsSpeeds, GCode, Software, Techniques  //  2 Comments

I just uploaded G-Wizard Editor version 1.018, which has our new Conversational CNC Face Milling and Surfacing Wizard.  Here’s what it looks like:

Face Milling and Surfacing CNC WizardThe Surfacing Wizard includes three different toolpaths:

–  Zig-zag:  Fastest surfacing, because it cuts both ways.

–  Climb Mill:  Best surface finish–passes are climb mill and then rapid back so they always cut in the same direction.

–  Radial:  This path spirals outward, and is a nice compromise between the two as well as a good choice for surfacing round areas.

We’ve spent a lot of time incorporating state-of-the-art face milling toolpath features, such as the way the tool arcs into the workpiece.  These features result in longer tool life, particularly when surfacing tough materials, as well as better surface finishes.  You can get a PhD in Face Milling and write your own programs to do this stuff or just use the Surfacing Wizard.  While there are other Wizards and Conversational CNC programs out there, G-Wizard is the first one I’ve seen that does this sort of thing.  Even many CAM packages don’t.

I made a video that shows how to use the Wizard if you want more information:

YouTube Preview Image

Also, if you’ve never tried G-Wizard Editor, check it out.  We offer a free 30-day trial.  If you were in the original Beta test and want to try it again, drop me a note.  I’ll give you another trial.


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  • Nice video, and it looks like a useful addition.

    But you really faked me out there!

    I was watching full screen and the incoming Skype message popped up, and I said, wait a minute, I don’t use Skype???? LOL!

    Terry May

  • […] of entry into the cut, arcing in and helixing in are far preferably to plunging in.  Try our Conversational CNC Surfacing Wizard and Hole Wizard for some gentle tool paths when using one of the cutters for face milling or […]

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Do you want to be a better CNC'er?

Get Better Tool Life, Surface Finish, and Material Removal Rates.


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