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Announcing Our New Partnership with Art Fenerty’s Gearotic Motion

Apr 8, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, CNC Projects, CNC Router, Cool, Software  //  1 Comment

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Happy Easter all!

I’m proud to announce this new project with Art, where we’ll be offering his unique Gearotic Motion Software here on CNCCookbook.

Even if you don’t know Art, you probably do know Mach3.  Art was the original father of Mach3 and still works Brian on special projects.  He’s one of the CNC world’s software geniuses as well as an amazingly helpful and nice guy, and we’re proud to be working with him.

Aside from Mach3, Gearotic Motion is one of Art’s other creations.  Think of Gearotic Motion as a special purpose CAD/CAM system for designing, simulating, and producing g-code for making gears.  It’s Gear Design Software, in other words.  Not everyone needs to design gears, but Gearotic is so much fun that even if you aren’t going to get serious with gears, it’s worth checking it out.

I love these kinds of special purpose programs that lavish amazing amounts of power on a very specific area.  If that area happens to be something you’re interested in, they just can’t be beat.  Heck, our own G-Wizard Calculator is pretty much that where feeds and speeds are concerned.

Rather than spend to much time explaining Gearotic, let me suggest you go to our Gearotic page and check out the pix and videos.  If it looks interesting, there is a link there to download a free trial.

If you decide you like Gearotic, we have some special deals available:

If you own our G-Wizard CNC Calculator today, we’ll sell you a copy of Gearotic for 15% off–$63.75

We’ll give you a 1 year subscription to G-Wizard + Gearotic for 15% off–$122.40

We’ll give you a 3 year subscription to G-Wizard + Gearotic for 22% off–$159

Gearotic Purchasing FAQ

Gear Design Software

Gearotic Motion Gear Design Software

Go ahead, give Gearotic a play. As our overseas cousins like to say, it’s fun!


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1 Comment

  • […] I love gear action and when I saw this in a mailing from Bob Warfield (CNC Cookbook) I knew I had to check it out. Here are some links to Bob’s blog and an explanation of the software directly from Art Fenerty: Welcome to Gearotic Motion. Here is another link from Bob Warfield as he is partnering with Art to promote the CNCCookbook as well as Gearotic Motion: Announcing Our New Partnership with Art Fenerty’s Gearotic Motion. […]

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