So you need to do some unit conversion?  Our G-Wizard CNC Calculator has some feature designed to make working with lots of units especially easy.  Let’s see how.

Continuous Conversion Display

Continuous Conversion Display is an awkward name for a very simple and useful feature.   As you type in a number or compute a result, G-Wizard automatically converts that result to the unit of your choice.  For example, we can quickly see that 1 inch equals 25.4 mm:

Unit Conversion Calculator

Continuous Unit Conversion:  Whatever you type gets converted.  1″ = 25.4mm

That “Use” button lets you swap the original units you typed in over to the new units with one mouse click.

Unit Selection

G-Wizard includes an extremely large collection of units.  You start by selecting the type of unit:

Unit Conversion Calculator

Start by selecting the type of units you’d like to work with…

Unit Conversion

After selecting type, select from available units of that type…

Fractions Anyone?

Another handy feature related to unit conversion is the ability to work in fractions.  Whenever a decimal number is displayed in the calculator readout, you’ll also see on the Fraction button whether that number corresponds to a fraction:

Fraction Calculator0.125 corresponds to 1/8…

If you need to enter a fraction, you can either just type it (“1 / 8 <enter>”) or choose from a menu by pressing the Fraction button:

Fractions Calculator

Fraction Chooser for entering fractions…

Type In Field Arithmetic

I alluded to the Field Arithmetic function earlier when I mentioned you could just type in a fraction.  All the type-in fields in G-Wizard allow a variety of field arithmetic:

Here are the Field Operators that G-Wizard will recognize:

  • + – * / x: Binary arithmetic operators–add, subtract, multiply, divide, multiply. Multiply can either be “*” or “x”.
  • %: percent = divide value by 100
  • =: equals. Hitting <Enter> or <Tab> is treated the same.
  • s S: sin
  • t T: tangent
  • r R: square root
  • c C: cosine
  • i I: convert inch value to mm (multiply by 25.4)
  • m M: convert mm value to inches (divide by 25.4)
  • d D: In Feeds and Speeds, you can use “d” to bring in the tool’s diameter.
As you can see, there are some builtin unit conversions here too.  Type “10i” (think “10 inches”) and you get back 254 (mm).
Now here is the best part:  you can use the unit conversion capabilities of G-Wizard free just for trying out the G-Wizard CNC Calculator.  Go ahead, give it a shot.  Besides, if you do like it, you can take advantage of the sale we’re running until the end of this month (sale ends March 31, 2012).

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Unit Conversion Calculator: G-Wizard Tips and Tutorial
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