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Want More CNCCookbook Blog Posts? (Try My Secret Idea Stash, Ssshhhh!)

Jan 31, 2012   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog  //  3 Comments

Some people wonder where all the content comes from on CNCCookbook.  The answer is that I write it all myself.  That causes people to wonder how the heck I find the time?  The fact is I don’t have nearly enough time to do as much writing as I would like, but I love to write so I do as much as I can and probably more than I should.

My editorial “process” starts with doing a ton of reading.  I like to use a blog reader and subscribe to around 200 different blogs (no, not all of them are machining or CNC related!).  Any time I find a new topic of interest, I do a ton of research, and put together CNCCookbook’s Machinist’s Search tool to help me narrow my research to sites with proven content for machinists.  I spend a lot of time on a number of the online forums for machinists.  You can see that list and a whole lot more by clicking our “Resources” tab in the top menu.

I can’t tell you how many hours and web pages have gone into this kind of research, a lot!

What I can tell you is that everything I find that I think might someday be worthwhile input for an article in the CNCCookbook Blog gets special treatment.  I bookmark it in the the CNCCookbook Delicious account with the tag “cookbook”.  It is my “Secret Idea Stash” for articles.

Now here is the cool thing.  The Secret Idea Stash is open to the public!

Head on over to Delicious and you can check out CNCCookbook’s page there (just click that link).

I know that won’t be quite as good as just getting a lot more writing done, but I hope it helps just a little.


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  • Thank you! What little work I was actually going to accomplish today is shot since I will be surfing your secret idea stash.

    • Shane, consider it an investment in learning. That’s always my excuse, LOL!

  • Thank you! What little work I was actually going to accomplish today is shot since I will be surfing your secret idea stash.

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