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The New Release “Bat Signal” is on for G-Wizard Calculator

Nov 24, 2011   //   by   //   Blog  //  No Comments

It’s been a little while since I used the Bat Signal (last month) with our G-Wizard Machinist’s Calculator, so I decided to turn it on for this afternoon’s release 1.603 and get everyone updated who hasn’t been before I move on to more radical updating.

Bat Signal

Turning on the “Bat Signal” just means activating the “new release” messaging in G-Wizard. There are a couple of levels of this, and you have control over how often you’d like to be notified:

– Mandatory Updates are very rare. I did not make this one a mandatory update, but I did set the prior release as the mandatory update. Folks who are relatively up to date won’t be forced to update, but folks who are not will have to move ahead. It’s better to keep everyone on relatively the same version from a maintenance standpoint.

– Next up would be to ask for every published update. This would be any update I run the Bat Signal for. As I mention, I don’t use it on every update. Many are more silent. If you absolutely must have all the updates, keep an eye on our User’s Club to see when one is available, as I always post there.

– Last up is what I call “Feathered” updates. That means to wait up to 7 days before announcing the update after the Bat Signal goes up. The advantage is that if there is a problem in the software, someone will likely have reported it and I will have fixed it before you see the notice.

You can change which option your GWC is set for over on the Setup About page.

What’s in 1.603?

1.603 is a minor fit and finish release with just a few tweaks and should be very stable:

– Updated some areas on the Cut Optimizer and Setup to be in metric.

– Eliminated the optimization button from Cut Optimizer. It will automatically recalc if you change any parameter on the popup.

– You can now see how many HP your G-Wizard Lite subscription will be able to handle in the Setup About box. If you subscribe to G-Wizard, you automatically get an additional GW Lite HP for each year of subscription you purchase in G-Wizard. If you let the GW subscription lapse, the product will still operate as GW Lite, but it will be restricted in the amount of HP it can calculate for a cut.

– Extended the timeout on the calls back to our Cloud so that it is less likely GW will complain of needing a connection in cases where the connection is just slow.

If you’ve been keeping up to date, you won’t notice too much going on there. I did add the ability to check how many HP you will have on G-Wizard Lite, should you choose not to renew your subscription. If you’ve never heard of G-Wizard Lite, click the link to read more. The bottom line is, even if you drop your subscription to G-Wizard, you still get to access all the features of the product, get support, get new updates, etc.. The only limitation is on how many HP G-Wizard will calculate. You get one free additional HP for each year you’ve been a subscriber to G-Wizard.


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Do you want to be a better CNC'er?

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