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Browsing articles from "February, 2011"

Exploring Ramping and Interpolated Holes with G-Wizard’s New Mini-Calcs

Feb 26, 2011   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Software, Techniques  //  No Comments

I’ve just finished adding a new feature to the G-Wizard Calculator that I call “Mini-Calcs” for release 1.040. Mini-Calcs are little popup feeds and speeds calculators for special situations. We already had one popup for calculating ballnose cutter stepover to achieve a particular surface finish. I’ve just added two more–one is all about interpolated holes…

Thanks for the Survey Responses!

Feb 23, 2011   //   by   //   Blog  //  6 Comments

I’ve now gotten about 30 survey responses, which is enough to start looking for trends and doing research on some new articles of interest to the readership.
First, some observations about the overall tone and content of the responses:
I really appreciate the constructive view most have taken. With the Internet, and particularly when there…

Old Machines May Not Die, But They Need Some Creative Fixing Up

Feb 21, 2011   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Products  //  No Comments

Many a small machine shop business or talented home hobby shop is started with an older CNC machine. I can’t blame a small shop, let alone a home shop, for not wanting to take on the payments associated with a brand new CNC machine. Once the shop that bought the machine new has fully depreciated…

Interpolate or Twist Drill, Part Deaux – Making Holes, Not Pockets

Feb 16, 2011   //   by   //   Blog, Software, Techniques  //  4 Comments

In an earlier article, I wrote about the relative merits of twist drills and interpolating a hole with an endmill.   The focus of that article was on the initial hole needed to start pocketing.  This is classically done by helixing the endmill down to depth and then proceeding from there.  The question I wanted to…

G-Wizard’s New Thermal Expansion Calculator

Feb 12, 2011   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Software, Techniques  //  4 Comments

I was paging through new posts on Practical Machinist and came across a discussion of thermal expansion. Since it looked like something useful, and something I wanted to experiment with, I whipped up a Thermal Expansion Calculator for G-Wizard:

G-Wizard’s Thermal Expansion Calculator…
It’s pretty simple to use:
Select a material, and it will enter…

Release 0.122 of G-Wizard Editor (Beta) is Available

Feb 11, 2011   //   by   //   Blog, Software  //  2 Comments

There are quite a few new goodies in this release. The big news is the ability to download predefined CNC Controller (e.g. “Post” parameters) from the CNCCookbook servers. Hopefully this will simplify startup for new users:

You can choose from a list of pre-defined CNC Controller profiles to initialize G-Wizard Editor’s “Post”…
So far there…

Progress on the Mill Enclosure

Feb 9, 2011   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, CNC Projects  //  No Comments

Got a little progress on the mill enclosure:

The sides are all bolted together…
The sides are bolted together. The design allows the side or front panels to be individually removed for additional access to the mill. We got all 4 sides made and the brackets set up so it could be bolted together. Next…

Toolholding in Collets: How to Avoid Tool Pullout

Feb 5, 2011   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Beginner, Blog, Techniques  //  No Comments

Tormach has published a great report on variables that influence the holding power of R8 collets. You can view the pdf file here.
They basically did a series of tests while changing various things to see how that affected the amount of force needed to pull a tool out of an R8 collet. One of…

Introducing CNCCookbook’s Machinist’s Search

Feb 1, 2011   //   by   //   Blog, Software  //  No Comments

Have you noticed there is more and more spam showing up every day in Google’s search results? When I’m researching topics for CNCCookbook, I wind up going through at least 10 and more often 20 pages of search results before I’m sure I’ve got all the good dope. Along the way to creating a thousand…


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