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There’s Something About Knobs and Buttons

Jan 31, 2011   //   by   //   Blog, CNC Projects, Cool  //  No Comments

Got some photos from CNCCookbook reader Kelvin V of the custom CNC control panel he built for his router. Very cool:

More control panel pix on the CNC Control Panel Page……

Engineer, Heal Thyself!

Jan 26, 2011   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Cool  //  1 Comment

This is a fascinating article that came to me by way of MAKE Magazine who found it on UK site theEngineer. It involves an engineer in the UK building his own aortic prosthesis to overcome a condition known as Marfan syndrome, an inherited disorder that affects the connective tissue of the body. It was causing…

Too Much Stickout Can Ruin Your Day (And Your Cutter & Job!): Use G-Wizard to Check It

Jan 22, 2011   //   by   //   Blog, Software, Techniques  //  No Comments

Somewhere early in my machining background I internalized the virtues of minimizing tool stick out. I remember very early purchasing a set of screw machine length twist drills just because they were shorter and less likely to flex than the jobber length many are used to from the hardware store. I could see and feel…

Knowledge-Based Machining Comes to G-Wizard!

Jan 21, 2011   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Software, Techniques  //  2 Comments

Knowledge-based machining comes to the G-Wizard Calculator with the latest release 1.026. The Cut Knowledge Base is now live. It’s a special purpose database where you can record your experience with various cutting parameters as an aid to tuning up your feeds and speeds.
“Knowledge-Based Machining” is a popular buzzword in the high-end CAM market…

CNC’d Art From Old CD’s and DVD’s

Jan 19, 2011   //   by   //   Blog, CNC Projects  //  3 Comments

Hat tip to Make Online and Google Image search for vectoring me onto this cool little CNC project:

They’re made by CNC’ing old CD’s or DVD’s, which gives them that shimmery look. That’s a cool scrap material for doing art projects.…

Custom Tool Data for a Sandvik R390 90 Degree Face Mill

Jan 19, 2011   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Software, Techniques  //  No Comments

G-Wizard has the ability to import custom tooling data so you can set it up with your manufacturer’s recommended surface speed and chipload. Our list of downloadable tool profiles is available on the download page. It can make quite a difference. For example, here is a 2 1/2″ wide cut, 0.050″ deep in 4140 with…

New WordPress Theme and Migration Plan

Jan 16, 2011   //   by   //   Blog  //  No Comments

I notice the traffic over on the WordPress blog has been picking up steadily. Just so you know what’s up with that, it’s a copy of the content from’s blog presented with more traditional blogging software (WordPress). The original blog (and I can’t tell which one you’re reading so the wording is awkward!) has…

Nice G-Wizard Mention from NYCCNC

Jan 16, 2011   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Got a nice mention of G-Wizard as well as some insights into how this machinist likes to manage his tooling for his CNC mill:
Thanks to NYCCNC for the video!…

10 Questions You Could Answer If You Had a Cut Knowledge Base

Jan 15, 2011   //   by   //   Blog, Software, Techniques  //  1 Comment

First question you might like to answer is, “What the heck is a Cut Knowledge Base?”
Simply put, a Cut Knowledge Base (hereafter referred to as a “Cut KB”) is a way of organizing your notes about what worked and what didn’t to make it easy to answer all sorts of interesting questions. All good…

Got My Enclosure Page Up…

Jan 15, 2011   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, CNC Projects  //  4 Comments

I’ll be tracking my Mill Enclosure project from its own page. Here is the overall rendering:

IH CNC Mill Enclosure rendering……

From the Archives…

Jan 15, 2011   //   by   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Just for fun, and because there are quite a few archives, I thought I’d add the link above where you can click for a random CNCCookbook post. This is by no means are whole archive since it ties back to my site that has only the more recent postings. It will grow steadily over…

Got a Good Start on a Pig Trough…

Jan 7, 2011   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, CNC Projects  //  No Comments

But, seeing as how I don’t own any pigs, I decided to call it a chip pan for my mill enclosure instead. After getting a note from a reader that got me to looking over my enclosure idea notebook, I couldn’t resist getting started. Just a couple of progress photos for now, but I’ll write…

The Short List for Online Marketers at Small Businesses

Jan 5, 2011   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, Business  //  No Comments

My other blog is about entrepreneurship in the technology startup world (not to mention Cloud Technology, Mobile Computing, and Social Networks) and I’m a serial entrepreneur who has done 5 companies so far with a sixth (right here, baby!) underway. As such, I follow a lot of small business and entrepreneurship resources–I subscribe to nearly…

Amazing Projects with CamBam

Jan 4, 2011   //   by   //   Beginner, Blog, Cool, Software  //  No Comments

Some of the lower end CAM programs are capable of some amazing work. Here are some samples done with CamBam: A 747 made from aluminum. Very cool 3D work! Watch chassis with “tabs” for fixturing… Watch part… There is the part installed… CamBam scored pretty well on the CAM Survey (below). I’m starting to see…

Idea Notebooks

Jan 2, 2011   //   by Bob Warfield   //   Blog, CNC Projects  //  No Comments

CNCCookbook is nothing if not one big idea notebook, but I keep special pages I call idea notebooks for things I haven’t built yet, but expect to and want to collect notes for. I’ve got a number of different idea notebooks including: CNC Control Panels: What should be on your control panel? Coolant Collars: A…


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